CAD 42.80

• A & B parts are molded in Smoke (light tinted brown) color ABS.
• The body is molded in clear HIPS polystyrene.
• The new TCU-01 unit uses a sensor to locate a guide line on paper, and coordinating the model’s movement. The model will follow 3mm thickness lines with curves of a radius not less than 8cm, allowing you to draw almost any track you like!
• Comes with two Type 130 motors to power the model.
• High and low speed settings can be selected.
• The TCU-01-unit sensor offers easier adjustment, with an LED to help in the process

What’s different from the original kit?
• The new TCU-01 unit controls the motors.
• A gear cover is now included.
• Sensor adjustment has been simplified.
• New instruction manual has a TCU-01 troubleshooting guide.


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This is an updated version of the Tamiya classic Line Tracing Snail (Item 75020) – the main change is a new circuit board. Featuring a cute body and the ability to follow lines drawn on a piece of paper, this product is ideal for kids as it offers an informative assembly process that will help awaken a fascination with construction projects.