Zvezda 1/144 Airbus A-320

Features the following innovative features:
1) Flaps in 2 positions: flight or landing
2) Landing gear: 3 positions – under load (parking)
– without load (take off)
– retracted (in flight)
3) Cabin door open or closed
4) Some cabin interior
) 2 engine versions: – CFM 56-5B GE
– V 2500 IAE
6) Decal for 3 Aeroflot planes


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The A-320 was designed by the European Airbus Industries at the end of the 1980-es and became the first civil aircraft equipped with the digital fly-by-wire flight control systems. Such aircraft are operated not manually but with the side-sticks located on the side console of the pilot. There are no pointer-type indicators on a flight deck: all the information is shown on color displays. A320 is relatively small but provides more space for passengers and carry-on baggage than many similar aircraft. The A-320 family is by far the most successful plane of the European Airbus Industries with over 5.232 units built up to 2012.

The first 1:144 airline scale model in the “Ultimative Kit” series.