Features: Updated parts reflecting the latest Heritage edition design. Car can be assembled as right or left-hand drive. A detailed interior has separate parts such as instrument panel and door panels. Includes gloss and matte metal-plated parts and clear parts to recreate boomerang shape head- and taillights, plus daytime running lights. Metal transfers depict Z emblems and side mirror surfaces while decals are included to depict 2 different colors of stripe,seat fabric, instrumentation and more. Also includes masking stickers seat fabric, instrumentation and more.

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Truly iconic car names are few and far between but one must surely apply that moniker to the “Z-Car”. Sold in Japan as the Fairlady Z, it debut in ’69 as the 240Z (S30) and to this day delighting sports car fans across the world. The current 370Z design has been tweaked and updated since its first release in ‘08. In May ‘18 a special Heritage edition was released with racing stripes with an interior design inspired by the “Zap” edition of the classic 280Z. Tamiya has faithfully reproduced this heritage edition Z in 1/24 scale with all the detailed edition parts faithfully depicted.