Tamiya 58704 LC40 Pick-up Quadtrack GF-01FT 4WD

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Toyota’s Land Cruiser is one of the most recognizable 4WD vehicles in the world, especially the 40, a series which was sold from 1960 to 1984. This R/C model assembly kit recreates the Land Cruiser 40 Pick-Up equipped with 3-sided track units in place of tires. The model is based upon the gear-driven 4WD GF-01FT chassis which features a monocoque frame with power provided by the centrally-positioned motor via front/rear differential gears. The track units not only offer superlative traction compared to tires but also enable the model to run even on snow, sand, mud and other testing conditions with stable grip. A lightweight, polycarbonate body, and driver figure are also included.