Tamiya 1/700 US Navy Battleship BB-61 IOWA

– Highly detailed 1/700 scale assembly model of the USS Iowa.

– Model depicts Iowa as she appeared during the Marianas Campaign in 1944.

– Model accurately captures differences with the USS Missouri such as open bridge, bow,

observation deck, radar antenna and 20mm guns on top of Number 2 turret.

– Left/right hull halves design offers easy assembly and ultra-realistic finish.

– Main turrets can rotate after completion thanks to polycaps.

– Equipment and armament such as 40mm and 20mm guns reproduced in faithful detail.

– Full color finishing guide shows how to paint Measure 32/1B camouflage as used in the

Marianas Campaign.

– Kit includes detailed models of Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplanes.


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About the USS Iowa

Commissioned in February 1943, the USS Iowa served briefly in the Atlantic before departing

for the Pacific Theater in January 1944. She served mainly to support carrier based air

strikes against Japanese-held islands, protecting said carriers and shelling enemy shore

and naval positions. She took part in the Marianas campaign and the Battle of Leyte Gulf,

although she missed a chance for a showdown with the Japanese battleship Yamato. After

assisting the assault on the Philippines, Iowa took part in the Okinawa invasion as well as

supporting air strikes on Kyushu. Together with sister ships USS Missouri and USS Wisconsin,

Iowa bombarded industrial cities on the Japanese homeland towards the end of the war.