Tamiya 1/35 Archer

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The latest release in the 1/35 Military Miniature Series recreates the British Army’s Archer. As WWII progressed, British troops found that their 2 pounder and 6 pounder guns were being rendered obsolete by German armor, and planners decided to develop a vehicle using the powerful 17 pounder (76.2mm) gun. The vehicle chosen to mount the gun on was the Valentine; the turret was removed and replaced with a fighting compartment – this would be known as the Archer. Interestingly, as there was little time to re-organize the cramped layout, the 17 pounder had to be mounted pointing rearwards to fit it in. As a result, the Archer moved and fired in opposite directions. It offered strong performance, however, and served with British and Commonwealth units from October 1944 till the end of WWII, the British using it until the early 1950s. This 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit was produced after an in-depth study of an actual vehicle. Features highly accurate depictions of the distinctive Archer form with armor plates and weld lines. Depictions of the powerful 17 pounder gun includes breech details. The open top fighting compartment showcases numerous other interior points such as shell racks and radio equipment. Includes 3 figures – commander, gunner and loader. Marking options included the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and the Polish II Corps vehicles.