Tamiya 1/24 NISSAN GT-R

1/24 scale assembly kit of the Nissan GT-R. Length 197mm Width 82mm. Muscular body styling has been accurately reproduced thanks to a detailed study of the actual car. The hood can be opened and closed. Highly-detailed engine and separately-molded parts for the induction box. Wheels, muffler, and induction box parts have been metal plated for an eye-catching finish.

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At the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, much attention was paid to the new Nissan “multi-performance sports car.” This model had dropped name Skyline and became simply the Nissan GT-R. Along with the name change, the car also had some other mechanical changes, especially under the hood. Gone is the straight six, and in its place there is a new twin-turbo V6, which has an amazing 480 horse power with 60kg of torque. With amazing speed and cornering ability, the GT-R has reached the super car plateau.