Revell 1:25 1951 Henry J Gasser


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Overview: Skill Level: 5 Scale: 1/25 Length: 6.75″ Width: 2.75″ Height: 2.625″ # Of Parts: 108 Description: Starting the mid 50s, the Gasser class was one of the most popular categories in drag racing. Small, short wheelbase cars made perfect subjects for hot rodders to turn into Gassers. Strip them down, jack them up, replace the engine and off they went. The Henry J’s small size made it perfect for a Gasser. The Henry J was made by the Kaiser-Frazer Corp. and only available for 4 years. The Henry J was named after the company chairmen Henry J Kaiser and sold from 1950 to 1954. It’s small size was not what the consumer was looking for and only just over 7,000 were sold. The Gasser class started about this time and continued until the mid 70s. They got the name Gassers because they ran on gasoline and not methanal or nitromethane. While not as quick as nitro cars they were very popular with the spectators. Kit features: • Detailed 427 SOHC engine • Opening doors and flip up front end • Full Gasser racing chassis and optional wheelie bars • Original issued Ansen wheels & Simpson drag chute pack • Molded in white with chrome plated parts and soft black tires.